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    a ferocious beast

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  5. "It’s a fine art, the distraction of the mind."


  6. All I have are some pretty rocks, an unplayed six string, and a lonely soul.


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    deep conversations with open minded people are my most favorite things ever

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    Just wrote this poem last night. You know that feeling when you fall asleep in the day and when you wake up, it’s already dark? Not sure why but it always makes me feel melancholy. Anyway, I hope you like it… it’s the first poem I have written in a really long time (hence the first line.) I’ve been so busy getting ready for the September launch of my new book Lullabies. Hopefully, there will be more new poems soon… A thousand kisses to you all! xo Lang 

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  11. Florida Sunsets :) #sunset #beautiful #florida #nature

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    Moving On - a stop motion music video made with yarn.  It’s pretty incredible.

    Created by Ainslie Henderson

    Music by James 

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    that’s a lot of butter.

    there are fucking google eyes staring into your soul from every angle and you comment on the butter

    to be fair it is a lot of butter

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